Restaurant Ten Bar & Grill

Restaurant Ten Bar & Grill

Ten is the highest score possible in Olympic competition.

The top rim of the basketball goal is always ten feet above the Court.

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10, called the tetraktys.

Bowling pins are arranged in the same shape as the tetraktys.

In football, it takes ten yards to get a first down, and ten first downs is the gateway to winning the game…

and the most invigorating cuisine yields the symbolic numeral… 10.

We are an upscale southern cuisine and BBQ restaurant. serving food that until now you could only get at home from your mother. Restaurant Ten blends a modern setting with hint of “down home”. The staff is friendly and eager to fill your plate.

Restaurant Ten is located in the heart of Atlanta, across the street from the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, and owned by The Platt Restaurant Group.

10 Northside Dr.
Atlanta, Georgia 30314

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