Showcase Food Gallery

Showcase Food Gallery

Welcome to the world of magical, Treats subtle delights and invariably delicious good food. We offer you ample dishes blended to create new, delicious treat for family and friends. In essence we epitomize the art of giving great taste to simple, basic food. Our emphasis is on fresh fruits vegetables chicken fish and whole grains. Cooking with these foods is the highest form of creativity for what we not only produce something of beauty and taste, but also increase the possibles for vibrant, good health in your family and friends . We also believe that he way the food is served is as important as what is served.

We want you to experience the harmony and beauty of food through our special efforts in serving you. You will enjoy a steady, year round supply of savory, rich an delicious soups, sandwiches, salads, dinners, desserts, thirst quenchers and music.

3183 Main St
East Point, Georgia
(404) 600-4067

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